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Party Wear Gown

Buy Party Wear Gowns Wholesale  At VastraLife.com

When it comes to party wear gowns, every woman takes utmost care to cater to each and every detail. And party wear gowns Wholesale are certainly very popular among the ladies in India for western styling. They are a must-have attire in every woman's closet for occasions like parties, festivals, weddings and many more.


At VastraLife, a vivid range of designer woman's gowns are available now as per the increasing demand in the Indian as well as overseas market and depending upon their needs and purpose, clients can explore the wholesale gown market online at VastraLife and place bulk orders.


Party Wear Gowns: An Ongoing Surat-Mumbai Textile Market Trends

A gown is an elegant long dress that is usually worn for special occasions as you know. They originated in the 17th century and are still very much in fashion and ladies seek to own a beautiful one-piece for themselves as well. This style of designer gowns takes inspiration from the western evening dresses donned by Hollywood actresses walking on the red carpet gracefully for a long time. Bollywood has revamped these and now, these designer gowns have become a suitable alternative to traditional clothing.


Ethnic gowns have given rise to new fusion styles of traditional beading and embroidery with foreign styles, cuts and patterns, making the market think of endless options to create. They are much in demand since they complement curvier bodies but are also available in loose fits that are preferred by ladies with other body types, making them a fabulous dress for all, regardless of factors.


Designer Gowns To Choose From Vastralife

To be the centre of attraction, you need to choose designer gowns depending on the latest trending gown designs straight out of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. And at VastraLife, you will find the most current gown designs and styles. To help you choose from these numerous designs, here's a breakdown of the different types of gowns available with us.


  • Anarkali designer gown: Anarkali gowns in monochrome from top to bottom are very in demand. It's an exquisite design with a sophisticated neckline and embellishments that makes it an elegant look for any occasion you want to star in.


  • Satin silk gown: Silk gowns with high necklines, long lengths and made of taffeta satin are a true example of craftsmanship. These gowns' design enriches the look by creating an elegant flare down below. Pair it up with heavy earrings and shiny heels and you are all set to slay.


  • Mirrorwork silk gown: Many women are fascinated with mirror works. And so, we have a whole wholesale gown catalogue featuring heavy and light mirror works on the gowns. The reflection of light bouncing off these tiny mirrors creates a halo-like vibe around the wearer, giving the ladies a stunning look. The sleeves, neckline or hem of dresses are the main focus for mirror work.


  • Multicoloured ethnic designer gown: For subtle occasions or festivals, colourful dressing is a must. And thus, we have multicoloured designer gowns for ladies to flaunt. These are perfectly made with good quality fabrics and look very classy on the wearer.


  • Embroidered gowns with dupatta: Gowns are of course worn as a standalone but of course, you can pair them with a dupatta as well. And you can find these gowns and dupatta sets with us in various colours like royal blue and Valentino pink. From zari work to beads to silk thread embroidery, everything is available here and to complete the look, they have tasselled dupattas and scarfs of premium quality fabric and appropriate length.


  • Wedding gowns: As the name says, wedding gowns are meant for the occasions in a wedding, like reception, haldi, mehndi etc. For those, we have heavily embroidered designer gowns with beads and gems as well as shiny crystals. Depending on the latest market trends for weddings, you can get them in desired colours and patterns on our website.


Features Of Our Designer Gowns Catalogue

To offer you the best experience in terms of variety, we have designer gowns made with different types of fabrics. Some of them are mentioned below.


  • Satin: It is by far the most in-demand fabric for gowns to be made with. They are smooth, good in fall, look absolutely luxurious and are comfortable. They are shiny and are relatively closer to the texture of silk and hence, share many likings with silk.
  • Silk: The most premium fabric of all, silk is used for many types of clothing. And gowns are no exception. They are attractive and classy and especially preferred for making evening gowns. When embellished with gems and embroidery, they make the perfect choice for wedding occasions and such.
  • Georgette: Another popular fabric is georgette. They fall well on the body, thus making them an excellent fabric for gowns in windy and cold geographies. They are usually used to make plain gowns that look chic and classy, letting the fabric and cut speak for itself.


Other fabrics including jacquard, muslin, and even cotton are used to make either the top of the gown or its skirt. Muslin is a sheer fabric and is sometimes used to make an upper cape for gowns to give an additional chic look to it.


VastraLife: The wholesale gown market online

Depending on every occasion, we have something for you available in every style range. We have gowns for all occasions like prom, weddings, casual parties, receptions, modern wear, or even business parties. You can choose your favourite gown from our extensive collection and get offered the best deals with VastraLife for designer gowns.


Whether you are looking for something unique or something special, you will find it here. Our outsourcing team collaborates with the wholesale gown market in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Surat and many other places to bring to you the best in class gown designs for the beautiful ladies out there searching for their dream dresses.


The manufacturers at VastraLife offer a wide range of traditional, embroidered and handmade wholesale gown catalogue. From full-skirted evening or cocktail gowns to short dresses and sheath dresses, our gowns are made from the finest fabrics and designed as masterpieces from the heart which is equally comfortable as they are flattering in looks. Shop from the wide range of our distinct designs of woman's gown at very affordable prices as compared to the market rates in the wholesale gown market.



Why Choose VastraLife To Buy The Best Gown Range?

VastraLife is the first point of contact between the apparel manufacturing units and companies from the wholesale gown market in Mumbai, Pune, etc. Our catalogue has a wide range of resources and partnerships with manufacturers that are leaders in their own fields.


What we do for you is bridge the gap between you and manufacturing by obtaining the highest quality standards that you look for in order to buy designer gowns at a very competitive price with respect to the market. Here are the key reasons why you should definitely choose VastraLife for your designer gown needs.

  • 100% Original products

VastraLife offers you what it promised. We don't ever compromise with the quality of designer gowns, their fabrics, or their designs just so we could provide you with the materials at a cheaper rate. Our quality assurance goes hand in hand with providing you with the most reasonable rates for the quantity and quality of woman gowns. We don't promote the copy culture where the product doesn't exactly match the reference provided to you but instead, is just a toned-down copy. What you see is what you get.


  • 100% secure and safe

Delivering you the right content at the right time is our motto of working. So, you can rest assured to receive your products in 100% good condition. Our shipping policies include committing to delivering your order accurately within 7 days of ordering if the order is placed on working days (and not on weekends or public holidays). Our shipping is worldwide as well. VastraLife also insures each purchase during the time it is in transit until it is delivered to you.


  • Online payment options

When paying through cash on delivery, you might be required to pay a 2% extra for COD services to FedEx and Delhivery, our shipping partners, while ?50 for each parcel, if the package is sent via UDAAN and the facility is available only in India. So, we have introduced an online payment system as well, to save you from spending extra dimes and facilitate overseas order placement as well. You make online payments through bank transfer, credit card, debit card, cash deposit in the account, Western Union, Money gram, Draft Payment etc.


  • Easy customer support

And if in case, there are discrepancies, you can always contact us to get your queries resolved. We have our address and contact details displayed on our website along with the direct WhatsApp chat link so that you can easily contact us at any time of the day whether you are a domestic or an international client. Other than that, you can also send a message to us directly through our website's form provided to you where you can ask your doubts or questions regarding how to order and what we offer if the FAQs aren't proving helpful.


So what are you still waiting for? VastraLife is trustworthy enough for you to give us a chance to cater to your and your customer's needs.


With the various contact options available, you can directly call us or message us and we'll be more than happy to help you with your order of our trendy and comfy selection of woman gowns.