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Anarkali Kurtis

Wholesale Anarkali Kurtis At VastraLife

We all know that Anarkali Kurtis and dresses are classic apparel that's ageless and timeless. And it's always in style, no matter the era. The Anarkali became a brand in itself after the beautiful performer Anarkali in the Mughal Emperor, Akbar's court. And since then, the dress has never looked back. With time, the heavily designed and embellished suits came down to more simple and fresh Anarkali Kurtis that never went out of style.

Wholesale Anarkali Kurtis As Show-Stopper

The major reasons for wholesale Anarkali Kurtis being so in-demand is that it is comfortable to wear, is visually appealing and beautifully fits all body types, and are reasonable in cost. The low rates and good looks make Anarkali Kurtis a good choice among women and girls of all ages.

Keeping this in mind, we at VastraLife keep our online Cotton Anarkali Kurtis wholesale catalogue always updated with the most trending and latest designs and cuts or stitches as well as fabrics. We make sure that the manufacturers can get their hands on the latest stocks of beautiful cotton Anarkali Kurtis wholesale from Surat, Mumbai and many other fabrics. All these for the most affordable and reasonable wholesale price. Comfort, affordability and style are some of the major mottos of VastraLife when providing our wholesale products.


Wholesale Anarkali Kurtis Online

Talking about wholesale Anarkali Kurtis online, VastraLife has a wide variety of products available with us to offer our manufacturers. You can find comfortable, vibrant and stylish colourful Anarkali Kurtis in pure white, mystical black, ravishing red and many other colours that are soothing to the eyes and also pleasing to the ones who are going to wear it.


The perfect combination of grace, elegance and traditional quotient, Anarkali Kurtis have made it to being worn at various occasions, ranging from casual, college, formal, and office wear to weddings and parties. Our catalogue of Anarkali Kurtis online wholesale is authentic in quality and looks good on any body type since it is made keeping the standard sizes.


VastraLife Anarkali Kurtis Fabrics And Colours

VastraLife has a range of Anarkali Kurtis sets, both as single pieces and with a variety of bottoms and/or dupattas in vividly designed prints and patterns. We also have different types of fabrics from which the Anarkali Kurtis are made, like silk, net, cotton Anarkali Kurtis wholesale, semi-silk, georgette, chiffon, viscose, crepe, lycra, mixed lycra, jacquard, brocade etc and much more as you surf on our online Anarkali Kurtis wholesale catalogue.

In colours, you get Anarkali white Kurtis wholesale, and other vibrant colours like red, black yellow etc. With Anarkali, one doesn't have to think a lot about how to style it or how to carry it gracefully. This lovely apparel is a showstopper in itself and even with the most simple designs, the Anarkali Kurtis make a fashion statement. The Anarkali Kurtis' fabrics, colours, silhouette and presentations by the different manufacturers have made it a trendsetter and the popularity of the dress keeps rising.

Our Variety In Anarkali Kurtis Wholesale Catalogue

Some of the types of styles that we offer in our Anarkali Kurtis wholesale catalogue are Plain Anarkali Kurtis, Layered Anarkali Kurtis, Floor-Length Anarkali Kurtis, party wear Anarkali Kurtis, wedding Anarkali Kurtis, net Anarkali Kurtis and many more.


For everyday use by office or college-going girls and women, plain and casual print Anarkali Kurtis are a must-have while heavily embroidered Anarkali suits are in demand in the wedding season since many prefer wearing these for various functions in the celebration. Floor-length Anarkali Kurtis and party wear Anarkali Kurtis are popular for a number of festivals that happen year-round here.

Now, talking about various manufacturers whose products are available with us, we have wholesale Anarkali Kurtis Surat collection and also Anarkali Kurtis wholesale in Mumbai collection, apart from other major cities like Jaipur and Delhi etc. Anarkali suits from Surat and Mumbai are among the first and best choice for women and so you can definitely invest in buying these collections.


VastraLife: One-Stop Shop For All Manufacturers

The best of the best manufacturers can be found at VastraLife to buy Anarkali Kurtis. We have beautiful and authentic as well as quality products from leading manufacturers from Surat and Mumbai. They are all export ready with readymade Anarkali Kurtis, stitched or unstitched, and also semi-stitched and dress materials. You get to pick from your customer base's preferred colour, design, cut and style.

As India's top Anarkali Kurtis selling outlet for cotton Anarkali Kurtis wholesale online and other Anarkali Kurtis, VastraLife will never let you down with your user experience when buying from us. Additionally, with the digital advancements, we are constantly trying to enhance your buying experience and our user-friendly layout of the website and filtering options for fabric, style and even price enable our clients to choose naturally from a huge catalogue and collection of Anarkali Kurtis.


Why Choose VastraLife?

VastraLife is the first point of contact between the apparel manufacturing units and companies from Surat, Jaipur, Chandni Chowk etc and you. What we do for you is bridge the gap between you and manufacturing by obtaining the highest quality standards that you look for in Kurtis at a very competitive price with respect to the market. Our catalogue has a wide range of resources and partnerships with manufacturers that are leaders in their own fields.


Here are the key reasons why you should definitely choose VastraLife for your designer wholesale Kurtis needs.


  • 100% Original products

VastraLife offers you what it promised. We don't ever compromise with the quality of Kurtis, their fabrics, or their designs just so we could provide you with the materials at a cheaper rate. Our quality assurance goes hand in hand with providing you with the most reasonable rates for the quantity and quality of Kurtis. We don't promote the copy culture where the product doesn't exactly match the reference provided to you but instead, is just a toned-down copy. What you see is what you get.


  • Easy customer support

And if in case, there are discrepancies, you can always contact us to get your queries resolved. We have our address and contact details displayed on our website along with the direct WhatsApp chat link so that you can easily contact us at any time of the day whether you are a domestic or an international client. Other than that, you can also send a message to us directly through our website's form provided to you where you can ask your doubts or questions regarding how to order and what we offer if the FAQs aren't proving helpful.


  • 100% secure and safe

Delivering you the right content at the right time is our motto of working. So, you can rest assured to receive your products in 100% good condition. Our shipping policies include committing to delivering your order accurately within 7 days of ordering if the order is placed on working days (and not on weekends or public holidays). Our shipping is worldwide as well. VastraLife also insures each purchase during the time it is in transit until it is delivered to you.


  • Online payment options

When paying through cash on delivery, you might be required to pay a 2% extra for COD services to FedEx and Delhivery, our shipping partners, while ?50 for each parcel, if the package is sent via UDAAN and the facility is available only in India. So, we have introduced an online payment system as well, to save you from spending extra dimes and facilitate overseas order placement as well. You make online payments through bank transfer, credit card, debit card, cash deposit in the account, Western Union, Money gram, Draft Payment etc.


So what are you still waiting for? VastraLife is trustworthy enough for you to give us a chance to cater to your and your customer's needs. With the various contact options available, you can directly call us or message us and we'll be more than happy to help you with your order of our trendy and comfy selection of Anarkali Kurtis wholesale.

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